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About Us

In 2015, we founded the non-profit foundation Echendu Unify to unify people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world. Since then, together with some great partners, we have inspired and incubated a number of wonderful collaborations – like The Elders and the children on the street – which have spurred much needed change in the world.
I am incredibly proud of what Echendu Unify have achieved and thank you for your continued support of Echendu Unify. I truly believe that working together we can turn challenges into opportunities, allowing us to always push boundaries to make business and the world better.

As with all donations to Echendu unify, your financial support goes a long way. Echendu Unifi’s overheads are covered by myself and the Echendu group, meaning that 100 per cent of all donations received go directly to initiatives we create.

Eng Echendu.


What We See


To partner with the community to leverage the Foundation’s resources to positively impact world communities and its residents.


A thriving nonprofit sector that addresses critical community needs, enhances the quality of life and provides opportunities for world communities and residents and the youth entrepreneurism.

Our Projects

At Echendu Unify we tackle many causes and look at many pressing issues, taking our resources and expertise wherever we feel we can make the most difference. There are so many challenges facing the world today and we believe that by bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can create positive change. This is what sets us apart, and enables us to tackle lots of issues – not just one.

$10 Saves a Life

We’ve calculated that $10 = one smile! Each ten dollars can make a practical or distractional impact. Donate what you can!

Be a Volunteer

We have plenty of event and in-office opportunities for people looking to donate their time and skills!

Our Partners